Instander APK is a cutting-edge Instagram client that provides an enhanced and personalized experience for Android users. With its array of exclusive features and customization options not available on the official Instagram app, Instander truly revolutionizes the way you can use the popular social media platform. watch latest movies on pikashow

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Download Instander APK

Instander APK is an Android-based Instagram client developed by Dmitry Gavrilov (thedise). It allows users to access their Instagram accounts right from the Instander interface and take advantage of various additional features. Download Instagram videos from igram

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Why Choose Instander Over Instagram?

While Instagram itself is a hugely popular app for photo and video sharing, it does come with certain limitations that can hinder the user experience. Instander APK breaks down these barriers by unlocking helpful functionalities you won’t find on the official Instagram app. 

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Features Of Instander APK

Download Any Type of Content

One major advantage of Instander is the ability to download all forms of content – including photos, videos, IGTV videos, and Instagram reels. Whether you come across a hilarious meme or an inspiring motivational quote, you can save it directly on your device with just a tap. No more screenshotting or using questionable third-party downloaders!

Customize Your Close Friends List

Instagram lets you share story posts with your “Close Friends”, but you’re limited to using their restrictive selection algorithm. Instander gives you full control to handpick a custom Close Friends list from your followers and tailor story sharing to your comfort.

Increased Privacy and Anonymity

For those who value their privacy on social media, Instander offers handy features like hiding your story views, disabling read receipts on messages, and turning on ghost mode to be incognito. You can browse more freely without worrying about leaving a footprint.

Ad-Free Experience

Tired of disruptive ads in the middle of your Instagram scrolling session? Instander provides a smooth ad-free feed so you can focus solely on the content from people you actually care about.

Boosted Content Quality

Thanks to advanced media encoding, Instander displays photos, videos, and other visual content in higher quality compared to the compressed output you get on the Instagram app. Enjoy crystal clear views without pixelation.

Ghost Mode for Anonymity

Keep your activity more discrete with settings that disable typing indicators in messages, prevent read receipts, and hide your story views. Toggle Ghost Mode on and off anytime.

Boosted Content Quality

Upscaling filters built into Instander allow you to view all photos and videos in higher crisp quality – whether uploading content or browsing the feed.

Smart Gestures

Instead of tapping buttons, navigate Instander by swiping left/right between pages, zoom photos with a long press, double tap to like posts, and more.

Earn Supporter Verification

Users who donate to support ongoing Instander development are awarded an exclusive Supporter badge visible to others in the community.

Discover Instagram Contacts

Find people you know are on Instagram more easily. Instander automatically checks your device contacts and highlights names already using Instagram.

Additional Tweaks

Customizations for auto-playing videos, full-screen stories, suggested friends, hiding likes, cropping, in-app browsers, and more.

Can I Trust Instander APK? Is it Safe?

Naturally, you may initially feel skeptical about downloading third-party apps that provide modified versions of popular platforms. Safety and legitimacy are valid concerns when evaluating Instander.

However, you can rest assured that Instander is 100% trustworthy and will not compromise your privacy or get your Instagram account banned.

Here’s why Instander is safe to use:

  • Open Source Code: The Instander codebase adheres to industry best practices for security and is entirely open source. Transparency enables continual auditing.
  • Secure Encryption: All stored data and traffic transmitted within Instander utilize secure end-to-end encryption protocols to protect sensitive user information.
  • Compliant API Access: The app utilizes Instagram’s approved API endpoints in compliance with terms of use to retrieve content. Usage patterns avoid detection.
  • Active Development: With over 200,000+ users and continual updates released monthly, Instander is an actively maintained long-term project.
  • Verified Anti-Ban Protection: Tested anti-ban technology keeps usage activity discretely disguised so your account remains unaffected.

As long as you exclusively use Instander to access your own Instagram account (without botting or spamming), you can feel at ease. Your privacy, security, and account standing will remain fully protected.

How to Download, Install & Use Instander APK

Ready to ditch the restrictive default Instagram app? Getting started with Instander only takes a few quick steps:

Version Info

Size54 MB
CPU architectureARM64-v8a
Updated onNovember 30, 2023

1. Download Instander APK

  • Head to the official Instander download page
  • Click the download button to get the latest APK file

Important: Make sure to enable installation from “Unknown Sources” in your Android settings beforehand.

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2. Install the Instander APK

  • Once downloaded, open the APK file to trigger the install prompt
  • Accept requested permissions and complete the installation

3. Sign-In to Your Instagram Account

  • Open Instander and login with your exact Instagram credentials
  • Alternatively, import logged-in sessions from the default Instagram app

4. Start Using Instander’s Exclusive Features!

  • Navigate Instander just like the original Instagram app
  • Adjust settings to enable additional exclusive features

Now you can harness all the awesome capabilities covered earlier – from downloading content to managing close friends, archives, accessibility settings, and much more. The advanced Instagram experience you’ve always wanted is finally here!

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Final Take

For any avid Instagram users on Android seeking to take their experience up a notch, Instander APK is an indispensable mod that unlocks a remarkable array of exclusive functionalities you won’t find anywhere else.

From unlimited downloads to ultimate privacy controls, customized profiles, post quality enhancing, gesture navigation, and an ad-free feed, Instander truly enhances Instagram in every way.

Thanks to continued innovation by solo developer Dmitry Gavrilov along with constant community feedback, the Instander mod pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on Instagram – creating an unparalleled social platform.

So why settle for the status quo? Discover what a best-in-class social media experience feels like and install the Instander APK mod for Android today!

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